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CD of the Month: World Music

Celtic Voyage

Some of today's leading Celtic performers have contributed to this exciting collection of instrumental music from Ireland, Scotland, Brittany and Wales. This 15-track release, which features 6 new tracks and nine previously recorded compositions covers centuries of Gaelic history and scores of musical styles.

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Tango Siempre: Tangents

Tango Siempre: Tangents

Tango Siempre:
Jonathan Taylor, piano
Pete Rosser, accordion
Ros Stephen, violin
Gilad Atzmon, saxophones
Steve Argüelles, drums, electronics
Bethan Lewis, viola
Yaron Stavi, double bass

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Gourd Music

Gourd Music

Part-folk , part-classical all acoustic instrumental recordings With various ensembles of guitar, cello, harp, flute, oboe, fiddle, mandolin, dulcimer, banjo, and more, we weave rich musical textures, in repertoire ranging from Shaker , Civil War, Colonial, as well as Celtic, Victorian Christmas, Gospel, Stephen Foster, and contemporary.

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Iven, Miguel: Flamenco de Solera y Crianza

Iven, Miguel: Flamenco de Solera y Crianza
It’s this combination of respect for age old traditions that makes Miguel Iven´s album one of the most important flamenco guitar albums of the last few years. The timing was just right making this album. Everything fell into place perfectly, nothing was calculated; rather it is marvelously organic. The outstanding quality of Miguel Iven’s new recording lies in its simplicity: guitar and nothing but. No other instruments added to dilute the mix, no studio tricks to alter what’s heard, and nothing to distract from the original grain of his idea.
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