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TRĂ…D. - Barry Phillips

TRĂ…D. - Barry Phillips

Catalog Number: BPCD049
Label: Gourd Music
Format: CD

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Price: $14.99

Categories: Americana, Celtic Music

Performers: Barry Phillips

Barry Phillips

TRĂ…D. is a musical journey to Sweden, Norway and back again to California from the bow of world-renowned cellist Barry Phillips.

TRĂ…D. offers traditional Scandinavian fiddle tunes as well as new compositions in a "modern traditional" style, set in sometimes lush harmonies, sometimes energetic rhythms, but always captivating performances.

Joining Barry on this all-instrumental journey is Olof Johansson (Sweden's first nyckelharpa national champion and founding member of the Swedish band Väsen) and from Värmland, Sweden is fiddle virtuoso Olof Göthlin.

TRĂ…D. features bowed string ensembles in textures of solo and duo cello, string trios and quartets and sometimes a little percussion and even pipe organ join in.

Barry Phillips has been musician. arranger and producer of many recordings of Celtic and American folk music on the Gourd label including Simple Gifts, Tree of Life and Music On The Mountain (instrumental arrangements of melodies of the American Shakers), Wondrous Love (instrumental versions of "Shape Note" tunes), and The World Turned Upside Down (Colonial American folk and classical) and his first solo release (2000) Cello. These recordings often explore the sometimes very fine line between "folk" and "classical" music.

Track ListingTimeMP3
1Polska frĂĄn Glava - trad./arr. B. Phillips
2Fossegrimhallingen (the waterfall wizard’s halling tune) - trad./arr. B. Phillip
3Bisonpolska - Olov Johansson/arr. B.Phillips
4Trogdorpolska - B. PhillipsTRÃ…D. - Barry Phillips - Trogdorpolska - B. Phillips
5VallĂĄt frĂĄn Lima - trad./arr. B. Phillips
6Farmors brudpolska e. Gyis Anders - trad./arr. B. Phillips
7Seljefløyel slåtten - trad./arr. B. Phillips
8Rondopolska - B. PhillipsTRÃ…D. - Barry Phillips - Rondopolska - B. Phillips
9HuldreslĂĄtten (the wood nymph tune) - trad./arr. B. Phillips
10 Byss-Calle’s ridmarsch - trad./arr. B. Phillips
11BellĂĄt - B. Phillips
12Hurvan e. Johan Hollester - trad./arr. B. PhillipsTRÃ…D. - Barry Phillips - Hurvan e. Johan Hollester - trad./arr. B. Phillips
13Fanitullen (the devil’s tune) - trad./arr. B. Phillips
14Polska e. Blinda Pelle - trad./arr. B. Phillips
15Gelottes g-moll polska- trad./arr. B. Phillips
16Björndansen e. Olof Tillman (bear dance) - trad./arr. B. PhillipsTRÃ…D. - Barry Phillips - Björndansen e. Olof Tillman (bear dance) - trad./arr. B. Phillips
17Bjernulfs Bröllopspolska (Bjernulf’s wedding polska) - Olov Johansson / arr. B. Phillips