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Dream of the Manatee

Dream of the Manatee

Catalog Number: GM108
Label: Gourd Music
Format: CD

Available: 4
Price: $14.99

Dream of the Manatee: Contemporary Acoustic Instrumental Music

Joe Weed, guitars, mandola, mandolins, mandocello
Neal Hellman,dulcimers
Stan Poplin, bass
Shelley Phillips, oboe, recorders
Lars Johannesson,flute, baroque flute
Lorraine Duisit, Celtic harp
Liane Sharp, French horn
Harris Moore, hammered dulcimer
Carl Rey, harmonicas
Paul Hostetter, banjo
Kim Robertson, Celtic harp
Marti Kendall, cello
Tom Espinola, mandolin
William Coulter, guitar
Anne Cleveland, flute

Here is a collection of new acoustic music at its finest: original collaborations by long-time musical co-conspirators Neal Hellman and Joe Weed include Half-Moon Room, Appaloosa, Song for Lori and No Bow Tie, along with a diverse selection of arrangements of traditional pieces from Italy and Spain, plus classic works by Mouret, Galilei and O'Carolyn. The enchanting title track is a magical tale of sailors and sea creatures in which each instrument plays a role, inspired by Peter and the Wolf.

Track ListingTimeMP3
1 No Bow Tie2:16
2Solomon's Dream3:27
3 Dream of the Manatee4:20Dream of the Manatee -  Dream of the Manatee
4 Bullfrog Moon3:27
5Half Moon Room1:52
6Appaloosa2:16Dream of the Manatee - Appaloosa
7A Song for Lori3:13
8Rondeau (Jean Mouret, 1682-1738) from the First Symphonic Suite1:55
9Bianco Fiore (Italian, 16th century)3:37Dream of the Manatee - Bianco Fiore (Italian, 16th century)
Saltarello (Vicenzo Galilei, 1520-1591)
10Blind Mary (O'Carolan, 1670-1738)2:55
11Cantar MontaƱes (Traditional Spanish)2:33
12Box Minuet1:41Dream of the Manatee - Box Minuet
13The Dark Island3:03