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Autumn in the Valley

Autumn in the Valley

Catalog Number: GM116
Label: Gourd Music
Format: CD

Available: 3
Price: $14.99

Autumn in the Valley: Traditional and Contemporary Instrumental Music from Both Sides of the Atlantic

Joe Weed, violin
Shira Kammen, violin
Todd Phillips, bass
Barry Phillips, cello, percussion, positive organ, harmonium
Neal Hellman, mountain dulcimer
William Coulter, guitar
Robin Petrie, hammered dulcimer
Paul Hostetter, banjo, guitar, mandolin & harmonica
Bruce Abrams,guitar
Martin Simpson, slide guitar
Cheryl Ann Fulton, harp
Lars Johannesson, flute
Danny Carnahan, octave mandolin
Shelley Phillips, recorders
Carl Rey, harmonica

A companion album to Oktober County: folk and classical treasures (both early and new), in a warm weave of mountain and hammered dulcimer, guitar, cello, violin, flute, harp, banjo, mandolin and more, in upbeat old-timey favorites from Appalachia; beautiful Celtic airs; classical arrangements from Mozart and Ravel; and a crop of Hellman originals, including his enchanting soundtrack to the award-winning children's video, Princess Furball.

The players comprise an all-star Gourd line-up, including Barry and Shelley Phillips, William Coulter, Joe Weed, Robin Petrie, Martin Simpson, Cheryl Ann Fulton, Lars Johannesson, Danny Carnahan, and others.

Track ListingTimeMP3
1Autumn Valley Suite7:14
Autumn in the Valley
Fiddlin' Bagpipes (Traditional American)
2A Week In January4:29
3Canary in A Coal Mine4:10Autumn in the Valley - Canary in A Coal Mine
4Canterbury Air3:30
5Lament For Roe Owen O'Neill (Turlough O'Carolan 1670-1738)/ Foggy Dew (Traditional Irish )4:01
6Andante from Quartet in A (W.A. Mozart -- 1756-1791)/ Bagatelle5:19Autumn in the Valley - Andante from Quartet in A (W.A. Mozart -- 1756-1791)/ Bagatelle
7Pavan for A Sleeping Beauty2:48
9Gaelic Air/Forest of Garth (Traditional Irish)5:32Autumn in the Valley - Gaelic Air/Forest of Garth (Traditional Irish)
10Mountain Medley5:31
Rain and Snow (Traditional American)
June Apple (Traditional American)
The Last of Smith
11Ninety-Pound Catfish3:40
12 Battle Cry of Freedom4:20Autumn in the Valley -  Battle Cry of Freedom