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Pavane: Shelley Phillips and Friends

Pavane: Shelley Phillips and Friends

Catalog Number: GM119
Label: Gourd Music
Format: CD

Available: 3
Price: $14.99

Shelley Phillips, harp, recorders, oboe, English horns, pennywhistle
William Coulter, guitar
Lars Johannessen, flute
Barry Phillips, cello, percussion, plucked psaltry, mandolas, octave mandolins, percussion
Neal Hellman, mountain dulcimer
Esther Landau, flute
Jeff Gallagher, clarinet
Don Lax, violin
Linda Waterfall, guitar
Laurie Hart, violin
Rob Diggins, violin
Christa Stiner, bassoon
Harris Moore, hammered dulcimer

Here is the captivating sequel to The Fairie Round - and Shelley Phillips once again dazzles the ears with her work on oboe, harp, English horn, recorders and pennywhistle. With her talented friends including Barry Phillips, William Coulter, special guests Linda Waterfall and Harris Moore, and others, on guitar, cello, flute and more, she presents enchanting instrumental arrangements of folk, traditional, classical and contemporary music from England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland and Brittany.

Elizabethan songs (When Laura Smiles, It Was a Lover, and His Lasse), Renaissance dances (Pavane and Galliard, Courante), traditional Celtic airs (Sally Gardens, The Faerie Queene, The Parting Glass) and Breton rondes are among the delights you'll discover on this charming album by one of Gourd's favorite artists.

Shelley Phillips (harp, recorders, oboe, English horn and whistle) received her M.M. from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. In addition to performing and recording in the San Francisco and Monterey Bay Areas, she is director of the Santa Cruz Community Music School, which offers music lessons in the folk and conservatory traditions. She is a member of the Narnian Consort, Orison, the Shaker Ensemble and the Anjali Quartet, and has appeared on many Gourd recordings including Wondrous Love, Orison, Simple Gifts, Tree of Life, The World Turned Upside Down and The Fairie Round.

Track ListingTimeMP3
1The Faerie Queene (Carolan)4:44
2Sumer is icumen in (Anon.)2:26
3Sicilienne (Fauré)3:52Pavane: Shelley Phillips and Friends - Sicilienne (Fauré)
4Pavane and Galliard (Gervaise)3:18
5When Laura Smiles (Rosseter) / It was a Lover and his Lasse (Morley)2:53
6Salley Gardens (Trad.)3:12Pavane: Shelley Phillips and Friends - Salley Gardens (Trad.)
7Jenny Pluck Pears (Playford)2:22
8Rondes (Trad.)2:40
9The King of Denmark's Galliard (Dowland) / Mrs. Winter's Jump (Dowland)4:16Pavane: Shelley Phillips and Friends - The King of Denmark's Galliard (Dowland) / Mrs. Winter's Jump (Dowland)
10Valse (Vaughan Williams)3:25
11Trio (Phillips)3:04
12The Nightingale (Anon.)/ Cats Caper (Johannesson)4:29Pavane: Shelley Phillips and Friends - The Nightingale (Anon.)/ Cats Caper (Johannesson)
13The Laydie Louthian's Lilte (Anon.) / Courante (Praetorius)3:44
14The Parting Glass (Trad.)2:30