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Daughter Of Lir

Daughter Of Lir

Catalog Number: GM401
Label: Gourd Music
Format: CD

Available: 7
Price: $14.99

Daughter of Lir

Mary McLaughlin, vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboards
Christine Kidd, vocals
Margaret Horton, vocals
Mike Cosgrave, keyboards, piano
Stéfán Hannigan, percussion, uilleann pipes
Jon Jacobs, programmed drums, keyboards
Bill Lovelady, Spanish guitar, lead guitar
Ian Blake, soprano saxophone, horns
Christy McGuian, acoustic guitar, electric guitar
Bill Martin, keyboards
Sherry Robinson, cello
Martin Simpson, acoustic guitar
Barry Phillips, cello, percussion
Neal Hellman, mountain dulcimer
Paul Machlis, keyboards
Steve Bolton, electric guitar

One of Narada's "Celtic Voices," Mary Mc Laughlin takes you on a journey which bridges the gap between mythical and modern Ireland on this beautiful, evocative album. The songs are original and provide a platform for her lush, multi layered vocals. The arrangements are embellished by the addition of guitars, keyboards, cello and uillean pipes, giving an overall soundscape which is almost visual.

The twelve songs are linked by the themes of Ireland, women and the sea and vary in content from the fantastic images of Celtic myths as in Yundah/Sealwoman and Fionnuala's Song to the very real emotions of an Irish woman making her way in this modern world as in Eyes of Africa and Trying to Forget.

Track ListingTimeMP3
2Eyes of Africa5:32
3Cool Waters4:47Daughter Of Lir - Cool Waters
4You Saw His Eyes4:52
5The Gift of Freedom3:25
6Bring the Peace4:50Daughter Of Lir - Bring the Peace
8Fionnuala's Song4:39
9Daughter Of Lir5:05Daughter Of Lir - Daughter Of Lir
11Trying to Forget3:57
12I'll Be There3:56Daughter Of Lir - I'll Be There