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STEVE MIDDLETON: Acoustical Scenery

STEVE MIDDLETON: Acoustical Scenery

Catalog Number: MMR008
Label: Marshmellow Records
Format: CD

Available: 9
Price: $15.99

Steve Middleton, main acoustic guitars
Ed Roman, bass guitars
Alfred Carn, lead acoustic guitars
Michael Jack, keyboards

An Enviroemental Instrumental Sound Experience

Acoustical Scenery is a hypnotic 53-minute journey into the world of environmental and instrumental sound. These recordings are designed to stimulate both memory and imagination, allowing the listener the space and freedom to re-create some of life’s most pleasing moments. Acoustical Scenery presents the tranquil sounds of nature serving as a backdrop to Steve Middleton’s melodic, acoustic instrumentation. The album creates an atmosphere of dream like relaxation blended with a musical sense of adventure. Perfect for meditation, yoga, massage, spa treatments or simple relaxation, these peaceful compositions will soothe and invigorate- each and every time they are heard.

Track ListingTimeMP3
1Sound Scapes4:48
2Ancient Rainforest4:40STEVE MIDDLETON: Acoustical Scenery - Ancient Rainforest
3Spring Morning4:28
4Peggie’s Cove5:19STEVE MIDDLETON: Acoustical Scenery - Peggie’s Cove
5Canyon Winds3:56
6Summer Storm5:52STEVE MIDDLETON: Acoustical Scenery - Summer Storm
7Hidden Stream3:46
8Emerald Forest4:52STEVE MIDDLETON: Acoustical Scenery - Emerald Forest
9Moon Shadows4:36
10Lake Of The Woods5:08STEVE MIDDLETON: Acoustical Scenery - Lake Of The Woods
11Sound Scapes (Reprise)5:16