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Cathedrals & Castles - Steve Middleton

Cathedrals &  Castles - Steve Middleton

Catalog Number: MMRCD015
Label: Marshmellow Records
Format: CD

Available: 8
Price: $15.99

Steve Middleton - main acoustic guitars
Ed Roman - electric and acoustic bass
Kirk Elliott - celtic harp, wood flute, recorder, whistle, psaltery and violin
Michael Jack - keyboards
Luke Leone - percussion
Timothy Johns - mandolin and guitars
Katie Wright - voices
The Elliott Philharmonic Orchestra
and Linda Manzer of Manzer Guitars

On his third CD, Steve Middleton takes the listener on an enchanting musical journey. Cathedrals & Castles is a magical tale recalling the ghosts and glory of a time when honour and pride echoed in the hearts of heroes. Rich textures of soothing acoustic guitars, haunting Celtic harp, soaring flute, and romantic voices draw you into the noble Kingdoms of princesses, minstrels, and courageous knights.

Digitally recorded, Cathedrals & Castles is designed to stimulate one's memory and imagination of an era gone by. Sparingly coloured with ambient sounds of nature, this album is a breathtaking artistic experience to be treasured for years. Perfect by a warm fireplace, at the country cottage, or just about anywhere.

All songs composed by Steve Middleton except: "Wind of A Thousand Voices" and "Ceilidh, Dance 'Til Sunrise" by Steve Middleton and Michael Jack. "Isle of Skye" by Steve Middleton and Timothy Johns.

Track ListingTimeMP3
1Flight of the King's Falcon4:50
2Wind of a Thousand Voices4:43Cathedrals &  Castles - Steve Middleton - Wind of a Thousand Voices
3Cathedrals and Castles4:57
4Fields of Thunder5:28Cathedrals &  Castles - Steve Middleton - Fields of Thunder
5Shadows of the Knight5:11
6Isle of Skye5:04Cathedrals &  Castles - Steve Middleton - Isle of Skye
7Minstrels in the Mist4:58
8Ceilidh "Dance 'Til Sunrise"4:03Cathedrals &  Castles - Steve Middleton - Ceilidh "Dance 'Til Sunrise"
9Princess' Waltz3:38
10A Storybook Medley11:33Cathedrals &  Castles - Steve Middleton - A Storybook Medley