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The Civil War Collection, Vol. I - Jim Taylor

The Civil War Collection, Vol. I - Jim Taylor

Catalog Number: PM004-2
Label: Gourd Music
Format: CD

Available: 9
Price: $14.99

A superb quartet featuring Jim Taylor and friends on hammered dulcimer, fiddle, banjo and guitar, playing music for square dances, hoe-downs, and minstrel shows; for sitting around the campfire or socializing in the parlor ... With fascinating liner notes telling the story of each tune, this album offers 70+ minutes of music (including Gary Owen, Haste to the Wedding, Arkansas Traveler, Seneca Square Dance, Booth Shot Lincoln) -- a rare treat for lovers of string band music and a treasure trove for students of the War Between the States. The Civil War Collection is a co-production of Gourd Music and Pearl Mae Music; it combines material on the Pearl Mae cassettes The Falls of Richmond and Little Rose Is Gone.

Jim Taylor, hammered dulcimer & guitar (on #6, 7, 11, 18)
Tom Draughton, guitar
Sheila Adams, banjo
Bruce Greene, fiddle
Timmy Abel, concertina
Patrick Sky, Irish pipes

Track ListingTimeMP3
1Booth Shot Lincoln / I'll Learn You How to Rock Andy3:44
23 Forks of Hell / Arkansas Traveler / Pop Goes the Weasel4:41
3Camp Chase1:39
4The Rebel Raid / Abe's Retreat3:36
5They Swung John Brown to a Sour Apple Tree1:27
6Dixie / Come Dance and Sing3:35
7McClanahan's March1:47The Civil War Collection, Vol. I - Jim Taylor - McClanahan's March
8St. Patrick's Day in the Morning / Gary Owen / Haste to the Wedding3:39
9Stony Point2:18
10The Falls of Richmond3:17
11There is a Fountain2:04
12Little Rose is Gone / Billy in the Lowground3:47
13Bragg's Retreat / Leather Britches4:20
14Last of Sizemore2:04The Civil War Collection, Vol. I - Jim Taylor - Last of Sizemore
15Money Musk3:51
16Natchez Under the Hill / Turkey in the Straw4:00
17Hell Broke Loose in Georgia2:21
18John Brown's March / John Brown's Dream4:01
19Republican Spirit / Mississippi Sawyer3:03
20Quince Dillon's High D / Richmond Blues2:45
21Seneca Square Dance2:25The Civil War Collection, Vol. I - Jim Taylor - Seneca Square Dance
22Boneparte's Retreat / Boneparte's Charge / Boneparte's March3:58