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Crystal Shoe: Mary Mc Laughlin

Crystal Shoe: Mary Mc Laughlin

Catalog Number: RRCD402
Label: Gourd Music
Format: CD

Available: 3
Price: $14.99

Mary Mc Laughlin's new recording, "Crystal Shoe" is an enchanting and mystical album which synthesizes the ancient and the modern. Mary's poetic song writing and rich vocal layering is further embellished by some of the best acoustic musicians playing in the USA today, including US mandolin champion Radim Zenkl (who also plays flutes), award winning guitarist Robin Bullock, international percussionist Heidrun Hoffman - Rushworth and Gourd's own cellist Barry Phillips. There is also a guest appearance by renowned dulcimer player Neal Hellman.

The thirteen songs, eleven of which are original, view archetypal and mythological themes through a modern lens, as in the title track Crystal Shoe, The Weaver and Sleeping Beauty and also include mystical songs such as Song to Bridget, The Mermaid (both in Gaelic), Angels and Deep Peace.

Mary McLaughlin, lead, multi-tracked vocals, & keyboard
Radim Zenkl, mandolin, flutes, guitar & bouzouki
Robin Bullock, guitar, bass, & cittern
Barry Phillips, cello & tabla
Heidrun Hoffman-Rushworth, percussion
Neal Hellman, dulcimer

Track ListingTimeMP3
1Song to Bridget (Gabhaim Molta Brighde)2:57
2The Weaver3:39
3Crystal Shoe4:04Crystal Shoe: Mary Mc Laughlin - Crystal Shoe
4Light of the Darkness3:46
5Sleeping Beauty3:52
6I Lit a Candle3:24Crystal Shoe: Mary Mc Laughlin - I Lit a Candle
7In Time3:16
8The Mermaid (An Mhaighdean Mhara)3:16
9Tangling Seaweed3:08Crystal Shoe: Mary Mc Laughlin - Tangling Seaweed
10Daoine nDia (Deenah Neeah)3:28
11Trail of Tears2:46
12Angels4:02Crystal Shoe: Mary Mc Laughlin - Angels
13Deep Peace3:36