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Label: ABC Classics

ABC Classics was founded in 1987 as a means of showcasing the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's classical music recordings under its own banner. The label has since grown to a catalogue of over 500 titles with a current average of 60 new releases per year.

Prior to the formation of ABC Classics, the ABC's commitment to classical music recording extends back to the 1940s. The ABC was most prolific in its production of classical recordings during the 1960s and 1970s at which time these recordings were released under licence to a number of different record companies.

ABC Classics produces a range of CDs which feature the music of Australian composers, individual Australian performers, chamber ensembles, orchestras, a selection of broadcast program related CDs, television and feature film soundtracks.

In addition to the numerous excellent reviews the label receives for its releases, ABC Classics has been awarded the prestigious Australian Record Industry Association (ARIA) Award for Best Classical Recording 16 times since the inception of the awards 19 years ago.

All recordings released by ABC Classics are marketed and promoted to ensure the widest possible exposure. In addition to the music of Australian composers and core classical repertoire the label has successfully ventured into related genres such as music theatre, traditional music and soundtracks. In 2002 ABC Classics took responsibility for ABC Jazz, and is currently releasing an average of 8-10 titles per year on the Jazz label.

ABC Classics continues to explore market opportunities in Australia and overseas, and remains committed to releasing quality classical music recordings which reflect and extend the activities of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

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