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Label: Vox

VOX was founded in 1945 by George Mendelssohn, a Hungarian immigrant with great vision and a fantastic ability to spot artistic talent. He launched the careers of Alfred Brendel, Aaron Rosand, and Leonard Slatkin and played an important role in re-launching Otto Klemperer's career after a long illness as well as matching a wide range of repertoire with a vast array of performers each of whom achieved their best for the label.

The catalog runs to over 5,000 masters and includes many complete sets of repertoire, often the first of their kind, for example the complete Saint-Saens solo piano works. There are over 150 titles currently available on CD that have been active since they were released despite the Vox label being something of a well kept secret in the the CD market. Currently available only through a select group of distributors and wholesalers throughout the world, this is a label that has potential to reach further through to the ever developing classical music market. The Vox label has been a pioneer in making custom CDs of rare repertoire available, offering downloads and streaming and significant parts of the catalog have been available on other labels based outside the USA.

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